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All Diseases Begin in the Gut

Published 5. juli 2018, 15:06 - 0 comments.

Joint-, muscle- and sceleton problems may be due to other reasons than a poor movement pattern

10 years aniversary!

Published 27. juni 2018, 18:53 - 0 comments.

Since I 10 years ago framed my certificate in gold and placed it in my teaching room, I have put hands on many pupils. One after the other has come and gone. Some only had a few lessons, maybe 3 or 6. Other had many, more than 100. All of them had their reason to ask for some alexander technical direction.

Alexander Technique on a sunny, Greek island?

Published 15. maj 2018, 16:37 - 0 comments.

Workshops and lessons, all levels, in July and September

Randomised controlled study: Alexander Technique and Chronical Neck Pain

Published 31. januar 2018, 17:52 - 0 comments.

Results published in January 2018 in European Journal of Integrative Medicine

Best 50 English Alexander Technique blogs

Published 21. august 2017, 17:56 - 0 comments.

The list is a service for you, who wish to learn more about the technique