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Alexander Technique is a teaching method, that provides ease, efficiency, prevention and rehabilitation for your moving body. Find out much more on this site, check research results, videos, links and articles. Read more

What is Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique has a lot of positive impact in your daily life. Scientific research shows among other aspects, that lower back is eased dramatically. Schroll around on this site and watch videos, listen to radio, read about scientific research results and more

About Signe Gad

Fully qualified teacher since 2008, member of DFLAT. Experienced performer, movement teacher and a professional voice over. Read more


As the teaching is solo, you get all the attention during a lesson. With guidance from my hands and my directions you learn how to do simple movements with ease and grounding. Read more


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In- and outdoor Alexander Technique

22. juni 2017, 15:53

As long as you have a good chair and a stable ground, you can easily do alexander technical work almost anywhere

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