Fees Alexander Technique lessons

Adults, young people and children from 12 years

First lesson, 60 minutes, 750 kr

The following lessons, 45 minutes, 500 kr

After the first lesson you can purchase a 4-lesson ticket, to be used within 1 month, 1.800 kr

After the first lesson you can buy a 10-lesson ticket to be used within 1 year 4.500 kr

Please see note below

Cash or Mobile Pay after each lesson, please.
Only if you purchase a 4-lesson or 10-lesson multi-ride ticket, you can make a bank transaction.

If you can´t make it, please call or text me at the latest 24 hours before the appointment.
If you don ´t turn up or make a last minute cancellation without a force majeure reason, I will charge you full price of a the booked lesson.

NB! If you are contagious, please call and tell, that you stay away.
This, of course, I will not charge you for.

About the multi-ride tickets: The ticket lasts either 1 month (4 lessons) or 1 year (10 lessons) from the date of purchase. If you wish to stop lessons before you have used the full ticket, you can ask me to refund the left amount. The price of the multiride ticket minus the standard price x lessons you have had = the amount you will get back. Ex for an adult, 10-lesson ticket: 2 lessons are left. You will receive what you paied for the multiride ticket 4.500 kr minus (8 x 500 kr) = 500 kr.