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About Signe Gad

Alexander Technique Teacher and freelance Voice Over

Trained by Carsten Møller, Frederiksberg, from 2005-08.

Member of DFLAT , the Danish Association of Alexander Technique Teachers.

Graduated from Dartington College of Arts, Devon, 4 year Theatre Degree Course BA Hons.

Worked in the Danish theatre and dance field as a performer, as a teacher and as a PR-person.

I have been occupied with many aspects of body-mind development for more than 30 years.
I have a special interest in the well functioning voice, no matter for what purpose it is used. This includes microphone speak.

I teach private lessons to many different people with many different issues or needs. Musicians – strings, winds, percussion, singers. Also dancers, athletics, doctors, shop workers, journalists, lawyers, teachers, school children, clergymen, airport workers, IT-people, office workers, designers, psychologists, university students, people with small children, retired people, pregnants, etc. All of them either with or without any pain in their moving body.
I also teach students at Ophelia

Author of GAPS-kogebogen published in February 2017.